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We are a Professional factory in wenzhou city china .Wesupply all kinds paper and plastic bags,box,sticker,toys and so on for many years.Wenzhou Nami Packaging Co., Ltd. is located in China Packaging City - Wengang City Longgang Town Packaging Industrial Park, with convenient transportation; the company specializes in producing all kinds of packaging boxes, packaging bags, handbags, label stickers, signs and stationery and handicrafts; Packing accumulated decades of production experience, always based on quality, update equipment processes to reduce production costs, keep pace with the times, follow the market rhythm, focus on customer products, and create customized products for you; modern Management mode, quality, quantity, delivery on time, is the bottom line of our service; we will give back to our customers with long-term support and trust with higher quality, better pre-sales and after-sales service; we invite the society New and old friends from all walks of life come to guide, deepen understanding and sincere cooperation. packaging Used in food, medicine, light industrial products, needle cotton fabrics, household appliances, mechanical and electrical products, fruit and vegetable products word
NAMI |   Packaging custom printing and manufacturers TEL:+8617681759906
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The quotation is intuitive, efficient,the production process is detailed, and the price is "transparent". The artwork is provided, we design it for you free of charge, finalize the sample and arrange the production, quality and quantity .
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